Newbie not yet diagnosed!

Hi all, thought this would be a good way to speak to people in a similar situation as me, as I find it hard to explain to others what I’m going through and so they don’t fully have an understanding. I’m 21 and have been having symptoms since last November, which i thought nothing off but they have progressed over the last few weeks. I use to be really active, regularly go the gym and go for runs every evening. I first noticed signs during a short ten minute bike ride to work, once I get off my bike ,my legs were really stiff and I found it difficult to walk. As you do you think nothing of it and ignore it… Since the beginning of the year my walking has become difficult, currently I can only walk for 5/10mins before my legs stop working at the bottom, it’s really frustrating as I am in no pain at all, they just feel weak, and if I were to carry on walking putting pressure on my knees they would just give In and I would fall over. But once I’ve stopped for a few minutes to rest my legs then carry on as normal…lifting my legs up with my hands has become a habit when sat down, as I don’t have the strength in my legs to lift my legs up on there own… My arms are also week, especially later on in the evening. I struggle to lift heavy things and perform simple tasks such as washing my hair…(which I still do it just takes longer and more effort haha) I also have problems with my eyes,every now and then they like to drop and they feel heavy and tired. This has been happening since November, but once again I thought nothing of it, especially due to being in my last year at university, I put it down to being stressed with deadlines, staying up finishing assignments. And finally, I have recently noticed difficulty with writing, it’s sounds stupid but I find it hard to grip a pen. I can. Right for about ten mins and have to keep having breaks. It’s really annoying. I have been in and out of the hospital having tests, all my bloods are fine, had an MRI on Brian, that’s come back fine which is good news I guess :slight_smile: so now I’ve been referred to a neurologist centre for further tests, such as a lumber puncture which I am dreading…(still got two weeks to wait) My auntie has ME, and I have two distance relatives with MS, in which I share similar symptoms with. At the moment it seems to be one big waiting time, it’s always on my mind, I feel stressed and I’m lacking in sleep, and also finding it hard concentrating on my studies which I do not want it to affect seeing as I have only 2 months left of my degree! It’s all come at a bad time, my family are worried for me but I am a positive person, I am coping with mobility problems and run around on my little sisters electric scooter :slight_smile: I am a strong person and don’t see the point in getting down about it, I just want to be diagnosed and then deal with it. I am still open about what is wrong with me, but at the moment I can relate to MS a lot. It would be nice for some advice and speak to someone with similar symptoms?? Thanks, Chelsea.

Sorry Chelsea, unfortunately I cannot give you any advice on this all I can say is sorry you are going through such a bad time and I know it is annoying but wait for the LP and hopefully this will shed some light on your symptoms. I remember when I was in limbo its the worst and when I finally got a dx I was happy (I know strange) but I was just greatful that I knew what was wrong and I wasn’t going mad.

Good luck with everything


Your symptoms sound very similar to mine. My knee gave way after riding my bike, I have trouble gripping a pen, even walking a short distance. Lifting is a problem and stiff legs too.

I’m 45 and being a typical bloke left it a long time before seeking medical advice. 6 months ago my brain scan showed MS at the first time of asking. You sound very similar to how I was/am so if you know there’s something wrong keep at the medics and I hope everything turns out well for you.

Chelsea, focus on your studies first. If not succesful this time round, give it a second chance asap. I was only diagnosed at the age of 40, but can relate back to symptoms to as far as in my early teens.

I missed out on finishing studies etc in a satisfactory way, because I could not relate some of the problems I was experiencing at the time to (early) MS symptoms. Create a decent ‘basis’ first, if possible/applicable with a stable relationship and proper insurances. You have the rest of your life (minus a number of years…, does not matter, you are going to live a 100+ years aren’t you…) to worry about MS, which is as unpredictable as can be…

Good luck!

Hi, it couldnt have happended at a worse time for you, eh, with being almost at the end of your studies? I do hope you can get through this.

Try your best to see to the studies first and foremost.

But as someone else has said, if it doesnt work out this time, you could try again.

Your under a neuro so that`s the best thing you can do, hun.

I can understand your worries, with having ME and MS in the family. But it could be all sorts of things which are causing the problems.

Even if it does turn out to be MS, that doesnt have to ruin your plans. Plenty of folk do have a full and fulfilling life with MS.

But it does take some accepting and fitting into your life. I believe it`s best not to try to deny it or fight it, as there are much better ways of using your mental and physical activities.

For now, concentrate on getting your degree and then tackle the health issues.

You`ll get through, with the right support from friends, family and the good old MS forum.

much love, Pollyx