Newbie…not diagnosed

Hello all,
I am not diagnosed but feeling frustrated with my GP for not taking this seriously. I am 43F.
I have been having terrible cramps all over my body for the last few months.
I had bloods done Jan 2023 which showed my thyroid TSH was non existent and my CK levels raised.
After an urgent referral to the Endocrinologist (I’m still waiting for an NHS appointment now) I decided to go Private. Endo put me on medication and sent me to Rheumatologist because the CK levels were raised and my muscles feel like they are pulled most of the time but don’t recover. The Rheumatologist sent me for an EMG which has showed myopathy in my legs and fasciculations. He recommended I see a Neurologist.
I don’t think my insurance will cover this so I am waiting for NHS referral but there doesn’t seem to be any urgency at all. GP appointment is weeks and weeks away as its ’low Priority’.

My symptoms list is as follows:

Debilitating fatigue.

Numbness and tingling in my arms and legs plus pins and needles.

Loss of balance making me stumble at times (not too often) and daily dizziness.

Muscle stiffness, spasms and cramps daily. Terrible restless legs most evenings/nights).

Mild Tremors in my hands.

Bladder problems for years
and changed bowel problems in the last few months.

Problems with memory and thinking - I struggle to find words and remember things all the time. When I need to really concentrate, my fatigue after is really bad.

When I tilt my head back I get an unexplained pressure feeling in my head, like a throbbing feeling.

Any thoughts?

Hi @LouLou14
I’m 43 and an MSer of 24 years now, and like you, I also suffer thyroid disease --also an autoimmune disorder.
I believe there is some overlap with multiple sclerosis and thyroid disease symptoms such as, the debilitating fatigue and bladder problems --you’re not alone there.
All the symptoms you’ve mentioned, I’ve experienced at one time or another.
The NHS walkouts are certainly not reducing the wait for appointments, operations and treatments.
Hope you’re able to endure the waits in the meantime, I know it’s hard. It’s good finding there are others in the same position as you, on this forum.

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Hi. Please also have a blood test for prolactine. I have serious problems with it. I hope you get to see the neuro soon.