Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago, although the diagnosis is now heavily disputed as I really don’t fit the classic mold, and it seems I probably have an incomplete spinal injury instead. I’ve never taken MS medication and i continue to work as a manufacturing jeweller. All that said, what i’ve been through both mentally and physically has made me very sensitive to the needs of folk with MS and other disabilites and I am currently researching how it may be possible to make things easier when it comes to putting on jewellery if you have a disability , or issues with your hands. To that effect I would love feedback from any girls out there about whether jewellery wearing is an issue for you ?. Is it hard to put on earrings, or fasten clasps , Or is this a no-go and do you have to rely on others to do this for you ?. Please, please let me know about your feelings on this ?. Im trying to work on clasps and fittings that will help people with disabilites and can’t do this without good feedback, so anything is most welcome !. I love being a jeweller and feel that since I suffered my injury , looking good is a really important part of morale for me - Wearing jewellery might be a small thing, but I’ve found its helping remedy the small things that can make a difference to the day :). I’d like to help others who might feel the same , so please talk to me about your experiences in this field !. Thanks Guys.

I cannot do up catches on chains at all and struggle with earrings but that’s more about getting the earring in rather than the back on most of the time.

Any fiddly job sets off my tremor, so anything to help with putting on jewellery, eyebrow tweezing, threading needles, putting on nail varnish,… would be wonderful!

Good luck! (And welcome to the site :-))

Karen x

Hi I can remember reading a comment recently someone having trouble putting on a necklace and someone said they bought a clasp with magnets which you just draped over your shoulder and they joined together, maybe google it see if you can find anything…

I noticed a slight tremor in my hand if it progresses I won’t be able to do up a necklace would really miss wearing jewellery so good luck with your research.

Sue x

I can’t manipulate jewellery at all. well one pair of earrings I can do on my own but they are simple drops with no fastenings and i lost one! I relly on my hubby to change my jewellery. Also struggle with putting bobbles in the girls hair.

Hello. I have little use in my left hand so putting on anything other than rings is impossible. So bracelets and neclaces with a magnetic fastening would be brilliant. As I have a lot of plaques in my neck I can only wear very light necklaces, most feel too heavy to me. Also broaches often have very small pins no matter how big the broach so I end up supergluing a safety pin on the back. I can manage earrings with hooks rather than a post and butterfly but most earrings are post and butterfly, well the ones I like are.

I hope that helps and that you get some resolution with your health, take care.

Hi Goldengirl,

What a brilliant thing to address with your talent.

I can not do up necklaces the clasps are too fiddly.

My partner has to do them. I did buy the chain that you slip on your neck but can only get a few styles. Also the magnet ones are too bulky design.

All designs I can do myself please!!!

Amy x

Oh dear… I have just spent about 15 minutes trying to un-clip a necklace… put it on ok, changed my mind and then couldn’t get the damn thing off!

I keep the same earings (pierced) in all the time. Can’t manage taking them out and putting them in.

Haven’t any suggestions… but it’s a fabulous idea!

Best of luck with it,

Pat x

Hi fab idea! Clasps are so difficult and sometimes impossible! Like Brouska I can only wear light necklaces to, so many necklaces look fab and you can just put on if long enough without a clasp but they then tend to be too heavy! : (

Putting butterflies on earrings is a complete nightmare and sometimes fastening necklaces can be a problem too. Good luck with the business

Julie xx

Must say i appreciate what you are trying to do. I recently bought a watch and realised that I have to be very careful that I have one that will slip over my hand; can’t do with doing up clasps any more. That goes for most things fiddly; including shoes and clothes.

Good luck; can’t see how a spinal injury could be thought to be MS? but then what do I know!