Where can i get a decent ms bracelet from

Hope you can help me gang .

Ive been looking everywhere for a decent ms bracelet for myself . The orange ones with the ribbons on are nice, but i cant seem to find any decent uk websites .

Ive decided to wear my illness loud and proud as yesterday i had some silly moo make a comment that it was too early too be drinking , when i explained she just shrugged , i thought my 16 year old daughter was going to knock her out lol .

So any help please , orange with the wee ribbon on , nothing too girly remember im still a soldier lol .

Waiting with baited breath . Iain .

A lady down the road did mine, the bead shop. I chose the stones/letters, she fixed it up on elastic as I can’t do or undue lockets and things, It says ‘I HAVE MS’, I shall add another one soon with my NHS number on, that’s all I want on mine. I have an orange one, a silver one and a red one. It works as everyone in shops or up the street asks about it.

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hiya iain

local mss have pin badge ribbons or plain with a few words, orange bracelets.

i can understand ur desire to want to point out the issue, its an disease/illness beyond your control but…

in reality folk make a decision about you long before they notice what you are wearing!

educating one eejit at time is the way to go!

there is tshirts that say i am not p+ssed, i have ms but will the notice? (see above re first impressions!)

i am so lucky that i am in a powerchair cos as soon as open my gob it obvious theres something amiss. i have been known to say ‘please step away as i am contagious if u r within 6 feet of me!’

that soon sorts out the nosey parkers from those who are interested!

and yes bad of me but the mss campaigns have long tried to raise awareness i just do it differently!


Yep its the nice orange one i want , with the crossed ribbon on it . Ive excepted what i have , i just wish some people wouldnt look at me like i have two heads .

I certainly knew what the orange band ment long before i wanted one so i hope it goes some way to stopping the stares .

Best Wishes Iain .

Grandma .

Its for me not my dog lol .

Love and Best Wishes Iain xxx

There’s a side to Grandma I wasn’t expecting.

I blame the sherry , or maybe they have started on the party early and not told us .

This made me smile. I personally think it would be really really funny if someone thought I was drunk when I was stone cold sober. I keep waiting for a customer to put in a complaint about me.

but what really frustrates me, lol, is that I want to go for a night out, I want to get slowly drunk, but as I get tird I get more & more unsteady, I don’t want the be judged ‘drunk’ when I a just a little tidily, and I don’t want a visit to a&e because I am drunk. It makes me sad. To be fair on people I care about maybe I just need to accept nights out with alcohol are a thing of the past.

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Like this?

​It’s not orange, but might do the job!

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If we were all totally awesome then I wouldn’t stand out from the crowd like I do.

I give up lol and you Sue should know better dont encourage them lol .

Etsy is in America and the postage costs more than the bracelet .

All i want is an ms bracelet , orange , so i can wear on my left wrist with my watch .

I dont want a dog collar and lead im past that stage in my life and besides i get ms fatigue just thinking about it .

Dont any of you have them or wear them ?

Come on gang heads together pretty please .

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I can’t find you a bracelet, but I found you a pretty good tshirt:


a tad rude!

50 shades of orange

carole x

love that t-shirt sue.

i have the zombie’s walk so only fair if they want my brain.

This is what you are trying to post. Ms awareness bracelet | Etsy UK

Thanks Scudger , that is exactly what im looking for .

No Grandma you can stop knitting now , ive found one thankyou very much .