Bessie's bracelets...MS

Hi all, Thought I’d share this with you all. Bessie’s bracelets do a lovely orange and white beaded bracelet with a silver M and S for only £3.50 with all profits going to MS charities. Becka, who makes them herself is only 19 years old. Someone recommended her to me through FB. Xx

So glad to see you MrsH! Been worrying about your absence. Will check out the link. Kx

Doh! No link. Can’t find it with a quick google - do you have one C?

Oh no !! I’m really rubbish at this but I hope this will get you there by scrolling down the MS page to find her name and page…it’s Rebekah Musson-Stewart. MS Society UK - London, United Kingdom - Non-Profit Organization … Redirecting... I make MS bracelet’s and donate profits to MS Society UK. Please like and share my page… Thankyou :). Bessie’s Bracelet’s. Shopping/Retail. Page: 111 like this … Have been a bit yucky but coming back up now. Xx

Just tried it and it takes you to MS society page. Click on wall then go 5 posts down. Xx

Thanks. And glad you’re feeling a bit better :slight_smile: Hopefully this is better…I.T dinosaur that I am Xx

Right…this is my last try to get the picture on so you can see the bracelet !! Redirecting...

Oh, that’s pretty, just shared it on my FB wall. Thanks for that.

Tracey x

Hi all My bracelets arrived today and I can recommend…it’s so pretty. Really pleased. Xx