MS Society branded cycling clothing

Hi folks

I have been looking to purchase some MS Society cycling clothing. I’ve looked all over the internet and cannot find anywhere I can get some. I notice there is cycling clothing made for the Society in America and wonder if there is anything similar made in Britain…

I have had MS for quite a few years now and when I am fit enough, love to get out cycling. I would very much like to be able to do my bit in advertising the society and bring about more awareness in general regarding MS.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Drop an email to and they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Best wishes

Stewart (admin)

Thanks Stewart, I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Well after sending a couple of emails without reply I have given up hope with that avenue…

Anyone else have an idea how I would be able to obtain some MS Society cycling apparel?

Any advice much appreciated :slight_smile:


i know the local branch has tshirts and bookmarks-maybe worth asking them?



If you look on the fundraising page of his website. It tells you under the terms and conditions, what kit they provide, when you do one of their oganised events

They also have an online shop, that sells merchandise…I think

Noreen x

Thx for the replies folks. :slight_smile: I have checked the shop but they do not have any cycling gear.

I notice that the American MS society have lots of cycling clothing. Maybe I will just get some from them. Not ideal, but will still raise awareness I suppose. :slight_smile:


my local branch recently received a donation from a cycling group. i think they just wore the mss tshirts to be seen. ru referring to the ‘real’ cycling gear? if so i think that will be a limited market and maybe thats why u r struggling?

ps that group cycled from highest pub in england to highest in scotland (i think!) i met them at ms annual dinner-thanks guys!



Did you get anywhere with the shirts ?

I keep seeing them on cycle events, so have just mailed

I have also drawn a blank


Hello all. Saw this exchange and was concerned that Spoogle hadn’t received a response. Emailed the team and got this back from them.

"When he emailed fundraising/challenge someone should have got back to him – the email addresses are correct but I know there have been so many changes in staff recently and serious understaffing in the community and events team so perhaps his email was missed.

I have just started and manage the fundraising inbox so if he emails me I can send him out a cycling top (with a £15 donation from him)


MS Society
Switchboard: 020 8438 0700 "

Apologise for any frustration you’ve experienced, but it IS true, we’ve been through massive staffing issues here. The forum operates on about a quarter of the staff it should have. Your support and understanding is much appreciated.

Stewart (admin)

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Thanks Emma / Stewart
Just mailed the address given, so hopefully I’ll get a response

Good Morning
I was given the email address by Emma on the MS Society Site yesterday.
I think, I am one of many people who are searching for the MS Cycle Shirts we see from time to time – Orange / Black / White
I would like to find out where you can buy them, a they don’t appear to be available in the MS Shop.
I do have MS, and I do a fair amount of Cycle Sportives with friends, so would very much like to get one for the new Spring season.
Thanks in advance

Glad to hear it, Mark.

Give me a shout if you don’t hear anything. Of course, we want to see our supporters proudly wearing MS Society branded clothing. It really helps raise awareness.

Best wishes

Stewart (admin)

Hopefully you have had some luck with the cycle shirts.

I got mine today, but typical of the ‘Made in China’ items, you need to watch the sizes.

I can’t even get a Medium on. Doh ! :slight_smile:

Having checked the rest of my cycling shirts, I did order them as XL, so hopefully Emma can accept a return, and send me an XL.

My fault, lesson learned.

Now all we need is the weather !


You are a star !

Got the XL Shirt today. Perfect :slight_smile:

Very excited, i’ve just donated £15 to ms research and im waiting in anticipation for my new cycle shirt to be delivered. The good news is that although my legs are wobbly and struggling a bit with walking, put me on a bicycle and I’m flying! (So to speak! ;-)) I’m looking forward to my Dieppe to Paris ride in July.


I’m going to start a new thread sometime today, on Cycling with MS.

I’m keen to get some advice on Nutrition and how to make life a little easier on the pedals :slight_smile:

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Mines arrived! A bit slim fitting but maybe once I get the wheels in motion I’ll be slimming down a bit. Thanks x

:-). Maybe we just aren’t that slim anymore ?

Hows the prep for the Paris ride going ?
How far in total ?
What are you currently eating / drinking on the ride.

You sound as though you may be in a similar situation to me. Freedom on a bike !

Only going from dieppe to paris. I think its around 129 miles eek! Hoping to do it in 2 1/2 days, taking a steady pace with plenty of stops. Im struggling with walking atm as having a relapse but my muscles seem to be working on my bike :slight_smile: Training not going too well…maybe next week :wink:

I’ve decided to turn my holiday into a fundraising exercise. I started a just giving page and so far I’ve raised just over £210 - my target was £150! The fundraising team kindly sent me a shirt and also some sponsorship forms along with a shirt (I asked for an extra large one for Russell, as I’d just brought mine. Training started 2 weeks ago for my Dieppe to Paris Ride. Both me & my other half (Russell) have our MS cycle shirts and we’re wearing them with pride and as they’re orange & white they stand out cycling along the British countryside so we can’t be missed and it seems to be working and we’ve been given a wide berth, so far, by all traffic :slight_smile: Training started a few weeks ago and yesterday we completed our 1st 63k ride! I’ve got to get back in the saddle again today to help combat saddle soreness!

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