MS Society branded cycling clothing

Good for you mate, maybe I’ll have to join you sometime.

I did a 5 Hour / 100K ride last night. Part of the Dunwich Dynamo night ride
I was planning 160K, but couldn’t manage it.
Completely knackered today, as we were up all night, to arrive in Suffolk at Sunrise :slight_smile:

Early night, after TdF Highlights

I’m out of your league Namibia! Were going to take a more leisurely approach. So it should take around 3 1/2 days!

Not really. If someone said to me, 3 1/2 days, I’d be happy with that too.
I see you did 63k, which is great. My normal rides are about 30 - 50k’s on a weekend.
I can’t do more than 22kmh, as an average, it seems.
I’m all for a bit of sightseeing , food & drink.Sounds good.

Keep the salt intake up. I find that helps me a lot in many ways.
Enjoy !

Thanks Stewart

I have just mailed Emma and await a reply.

Great to see a couple of folks have now got hold of a top and spreading awareness :slight_smile: Hopefully I will soon be in the same position :slight_smile:

I am in the same boat as you @sallum. I also have great difficulty walking, but luckily can still cycle very well even if somewhat slower than I used to.

Looking forward to a lovely Summer and getting out there more often. Mind you, as I live in the Isle of Man, I may be waiting a loooong time for a decent summer as it has been a bit naff so far lol

Bikes should be back today after a much needed service. Hopefully all my gears will now be working! Making it much easier to ride up those hills. The count down is on…just 1 week to go before we leave on our epic journey Dieppe to Paris. Just bought our train tickets to the south coast, ferry all booked and our 1st nights accommodation in Dieppe. Feeling excited and nervous at the same time and so far I’ve raised over £300 sponsorship for MS research :slight_smile:

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Oh dear, I thought everyone was having lovely weather! My walking has improved as was only sensory problems really and I’ve had iv steroids to help speed up recovery :slight_smile: I’ve got Neuro apt in August to discuss DMD’s - eek!

Fantastic sallum! I hope you have a wonderful time my friend :slight_smile:

Well my cycling jersey arrived. Tis good quality and looks great! Looking forward to getting out there and spreading awareness.

Thanks for your help Stewart and also to Emma for sending it to me :slight_smile:

Hi everyone I’m doing the London to Brighton bike race for the MS Society on 17th September this year. I need a XXL cycle jersey but the fundraising team only have large left. I can buy one from America but I’d rather just donate more. Does anyone have an XXL MS Society jersey they don’t need? Many thanks dave