XXL MS Society Cycle Jersey for London 2 Brighton

Hi everyone

I’m completing the London to Brighton ride on 17th September as I’m happily in remission and want to raise some pennies for the Society. Just over £1000 raised so far which I’m chuffed about!

But the fundraising support team run out of XXL tops and I wondered if anyone had one spare so I can proudly highlight who I’m riding for?

i can send a postage paid envelope if needed.

thanks everyone


That’s a shame, couldn’t they order one? Could you get a different shirt from them? I believe they have vests for runners and plain old t-shirts. When I fund raised for them i applied for the fundraising pack and you get a shirt for free so perhaps you can call them to see if they have any different styles instead of the cycling jersey. Good luck. Sharon

thanks Sharon

I was sent a Large one even though I said it wouldn’t fit, more annoying as that’s a waste of funds. But I need a cycling one to store food etc in for the ride. I have a 48’’ chest so large doesn’t make it.

i have cycling shirts, just wanted to proudly say ‘I have MS and I’m raising money for the MS society’.

In the end I know and I will have a nice amount of money to put towards the great work, I just wanted a top. Can buy from America, there’s loads from Bike MS but they’re very expensive and I’ll just donate the money instead.

if anyone has one from last year that’s not a problem for me!

am up to £1500 now!

many thanks


Please sponsor me. Here is a link to my page