I am new, I have just officially been diagnosed after of almost 2 long years of testing. The doctors wanted to make sure because there are 3 other diseases that mimic MS in first nation people. I also have a whole host of other things that going on with me which is probably why it took so long. I have just started on Tecfidera and as with all the other meds I am nervous but here I go. By the looks of the scans I have had MS for years but until certain symptoms started cropping up like it was getting harder to walk and nerve pain and other things happening, I always put it down to the so this has to do all the other stuff. I went for brain scans and the results opened another door.

Thanks for listening/reading.


welcome to the club which nobody wants to join.

you’ve started on tecfidera which has a good rate of reducing relapses.

don’t be nervous, yes it has side effects but just make sure you eat before taking it and this will reduce the side effects.

if there is an ms therapy centre close to you, get yourself down there.

i go to one near manchester (15 miles from here). i have HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy) which helps.

there is a huge table around which lots of chat, laughs and support happens.

i also feel sure that i’ve had ms much longer than 2008 when i was diagnosed.

strange happenings going back to my early teens, very glad that i didn’t get diagnosed until i was 50!

keep on coming here and let us know how you are doing.

carole x

Hi, Are you writing from Canada? Not that it makes much difference because MS doesn’t respect political borders. As Carole says, you’re very welcome and there’s always support, understanding and advice to be found here. Best wishes, Anthony

Dear skoehoeteen, are you relieved to finally have a diagnosis? I do hope that you are coping and have gathered some support around you. I too have just received my diagnosis for rrms, similar time waiting. I am now awaiting for an MS nurse so that I can begin tecfidera. I am keen to hear how it goes for you. I am reading Overcoming MS by George Jenilik, and although not a cure, it does give me some control (free from the website). There is so much useful advice out there but I try not to google stuff too much. I do however like the advice that I get on here!

I do hope that it goes well for you, warmest thought Ali