Hi everyone, new to this

Hi everyone, new to this. After only 8 months of MRI’ s I have on the 12th of June been diagnose with ms. I have been trying to get my head around it even though I new it was coming. To read it in a letter was one thing but to hear the word in real life was a bit harder to take, was hoping it was a mistake. I have decided along with the ms specialist to start with tecfidera, I was hoping for some feed back on people’s views on it side effects etc. I am just waiting on an appointment to come through to see an ms nurse. Before I can move forward, how long has every one waited for an appointment to come though ? Sorry for the waffling on. Hope everyone is well and I look forward to hearing for someone xx

Hi, I would like to say welcome, but I’m pretty sure you would rather not be a member of this particular club, welcome anyway. I was diagnosed in a week, MRI, lumber puncture, bang, MS. It is hard to get your head around at first, bit of a shocker. 12 years in now, still wish it wasn’t this lovely illness but can’t change it, so forward we have to go. I can’t give you advice on the drug you have been offered, I was on Copaxone, but I believe it’s 1 of the best 1s. I have been lucky & been seeing a MS team regularly, depends where you live I think. I was given an appointment with them quickly, hope it’s the same for you. Sorry if I seem a bit nonchalant, wish I could make you feel better about ‘it’. You will get tremendous support here though & I’m not always a miserable git!!! You take care & please come back, I am having a moment!!! It isn’t all bad, really! Take care Tracey xx

Thank you traceydc46 for your comment. Enjoy your weekend