im no good at forums

hi everyone, new here was diagnosed in march with rrms sort of had an idea it could be that but still came as a shock started tecfidera today actually feel ok after 1st dose let’s hope it stays this way still comming to terms with diagnosing when can i stop chasing doctors or non existent ms nurse for advice ridiculous sorry everyone i’m ranting lol only joined 5 mins ago and i’m off hope everyone ok

Hello hoppie

Welcome to the forum. I’m quite sure it’s the last place you ever thought you’d find yourself but hopefully you will find it useful.

An MS diagnosis is not an easy thing to get your head around. It doesn’t matter how much you expected the diagnosis, once you’ve heard the words ‘you have MS’, you can’t ever not have heard them!!

The good news is of course that as you have the relapsing remitting variety of MS, you have been able to get Tecfidera prescribed soon after diagnosis. (Believe me, some people have more of a fight to get a disease modifying drug!!)

Tecfidera is a good drug. It’s aim is to reduce the frequency and severity of relapses. This means that with luck you’ll be mainly relapse free, thus disability free. You might even be able now and the to forget you have the dammed disease!

Sometimes people do have side effects from ‘Tec. You should be able to manage these by ensuring you take the tablets together with food. Generally it’s stodgy types of food that help, like porridge (yes I know it’s the wrong time of year!!), or toast and peanut butter in the mornings, and just whatever you eat for dinner normally.

Hopefully your MS nurse will appear and be helpful to you as you wrap your head around the diagnosis! It’s not easy being alone with it, in spite of (hopefully) having family and friends. Meanwhile, there’s this forum, the information from the MS Society and the MS Trust: What is MS? | MS Trust

Let us know if we can help at all with information and our experience. There are slightly fewer members about on the forum just at the moment, we have just changed the format of the site and people are finding their way round it (to be honest, many people either hate the new site or are having difficulties using it).