new to this

hi everybody im new to this forum i hope to chat with people soon ( as i have a lot of time on my hands ) my ms cost me my job or should i say my so called we will do what ever we need to do for you employer ,gave me all this free time .

hi mark

welcome to the pleasure dome (not)

are you newly diagnosed?

where did you work?

do you go to any ms therapy centres?

if not, you should give them a try. i go to trafford ms therapy centre. i get HBOT there and loads of good people to chat to.

sorry it turned into 20 questions

carole x

hi corole

i was diagnosed about 2 years ago but i didnt aceot it and tried to developed a it wont beat me but as you know it did i hit the wall about a year ago i had a breakdown the 60 hr wks catch up with you when you are to scared to give in.

i was a plant hire depot manager for 12 years until well thats another unfolding story !

i dont know of any centres in scotland and as for the 20 questions it was very nice of you to respone so a BIG thank you for that

mark xx

Hi Mark Welcome to the forum, everyone here will be very welcoming :slight_smile: you can have a moan or even a rant, ask questions open a discussion & someone will always reply :slight_smile: I think most of us go through what you have I know I did for a very long time & Ive been diagnosed 18+ yrs it’s called denial :frowning: but you soon accept it & get through it with help from people who know what it is were going through Again welcome :slight_smile: Sue x


Im 28 am a (un)civil engineer, but it looks like my ms has made me rethink jobs. I was diagnosed april last year.

Maybe look at the near me part on this website, see whats near you. Their should be plenty up in Scotland.


Hi Mark

Welcome to the site

Sorry to hear about your job. My hubby is a hydraulic pipe fitter so in simular type of work.

Look forward to chatting.

Tell us a little about yourself/your ms journey.

I am 41. married. 2 kids. diagnosed 8 years ago. Am on the dmd rebif.


Hi Mark.

I’m in my forties, a grumpy Geordie and was diagnosed last September but had the symptoms for quite a while and eventually decided enough was enough and had to get this things seen to. It was a relief to get a name for what I had (PPMS) but it’s been no bed of roses since.

Welcome Mark,

This site will make you laugh and make you cry but will be a huge support and full of advice.

We’re all in this together, even though it’s not for the best reasons.

Have a good Easter and keep popping in to see the latest top tips!

Jen x

Diagnosed 1998 had symptoms since mid 80’s. Secondary progressive - problems walking.

Hi Mark

I am from just outside glasgow and their is an MS Charity there, also believe there is stuff in stirling which is a bit nearer you because i know i tailcoated on one of their sessions , there is information on this site and if i find out anything else i will send you a message if that is ok you and I have PPMS and born in March,


Hi Mark,

Wecome to the forum I’ve only been here about a month but i’ve learned lots and everyone is so friendly.

I only got dx in Jan after having transverse mylitis since sep 2009( symptoms got worse and they decided i got ppms)

Sorry to hear you lost your job because of it, i dont work so i’ve got plenty of time to come on here

Hope to speak to you soon.

Lisa x

Hi Mark

Welcome to the forum

I was diagnosed four years ago and I still work 30 hours pw in admin and do some ad hoc typing from home for a second income to make ends meet. Sorry to hear about your job but hopefully it will be better for your health. I can’t imagine working 60 hrs pw, I have to have a sleep every afternoon after sitting on my backside for 6 hours!!

This is a good place to share your experiences and have a good rant when you need to or to ask for support. There is always someone to pitch in and brighten your day.

Take care

Tracey x

Hi Mark, re: ms therapy centres if you do a google search it shows the centres all over the country, most of them have various treatments and oxygen chambers. Peter

hi mark (again)

i’m glad that you’ve had a lot of replies

i never told you about my background

i’m 54 and got my diagnosis the week before my 50th (thanks for such a memorable present!)

2 grown up sons who live at home

i was an advisory teacher for inclusion, advising nurseries and schools about the implications of the Disability discrimination act and advising them on how to adapt for the children with disabilities.

got medical retirement so now i’m a lazy bones

carole x

Hiya, from me too!

You`re amongst the elite now!

luv Pollx

Hello Mark,

Welcome to the site. Strength is in numbers.

Best wishes,


good morning all

can i firstly say WOW !! what a welcome a great big thanks to all who sent a message i think this forum could be just what the doctor ordered ( pardon the pun )

happy easter