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Hi Everyone,

I have joined on here to get more of an insight into MS, this is because 3 of my family members have MS, my Dad being one of them…(my two aunties who are my Dad’s sisters), all of them in different stages of took it upon myself to be tested MS. My Dad was diagnosed a couple of years ago he is 70. Unusual for someone his age to have MS but not unheard of. This is very worrying that I too could potentially end up this way and took it upon myself to be tested recently as I thought I was having symptoms. After several tests I have been cleared thankfully.

This however has made me determined to raise more awareness and money for MS sufferers. So I plan on doing a lot of fund raising next year, which may include a sky dive (im afraid of heights…but that didn’t stop me from climbing Snowdon for charity a couple of years ago). I am planning on doing the walk in London in September.

I hope that I can learn alot from you guys :slight_smile:

hi whizzy

wow that’s an awful lot of relatives with ms.

really pleased that you were unable to join the club.

hope you enjoy the walk and raise lots of dosh

carole x

Hello Whizzy.

Your family circumstances are quite extraordinary. My mum and her mum did show some of the milder symptoms but it was never picked up. I noticed but never mentioned.

I’ve done Snowdon on foot over 20 times. It’s the train now for me. (3 times).

You have my respect and admiration.


Hi CatwomanCarole58, Thank you very much. I plan to do at least 3 fundraising events next year to help towards MS research. Simon

Hi Steve, Yes they certainly are extraordinary circumstances, on my Dad’s side it is quite common through family history, also on my Mums side. Well done you, for climbing Snowdon that many times I take my hat off to you. Thank you Steve Best Wishes Simon

On Saturday 7th July I will be jumping out of a plane for MS Society. I am doing 3 challenges this year to raise money for this charity. This is also for 3 of my family members ( one of whom recently passed away ) and also for all you guys out there who have this condition. My first challenge I completed back in May by doing a 10km walk, my second being the tandem parachute jump on the 7th and my third will be in September doing a 25km walk in London. So far I have raised £600 pounds and I aim to raise my target of £1000 before the end of the year.

Wow Simon. I hope you’ve got over your fear of heights before the 7th!! If not, I suggest you don’t wear light coloured trousers (a phrase I have shamelessly pinched from a good friend of mine!).

You’ve already done amazingly well.


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Height is safety and it’s only the ground that kills you. Enjoy your controlled descent.