Hi, im Jemma and im 29, wife and mother. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last summer and took the approach of why sit around feeling sorry for myself. So I decided to book a skydive which will take place on the 25th july. My goal is to raise a decent amount of money for the MS society. Lets face it no one knows how fantastic they are than us.

Anyway i would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my page and if possible please sponsor me even £1 really helps towards the total, or please just share my link so people are aware.

Thank you

Hi jemma

there’s brave you are, I need happy pills just to get onto a plane! Would need a strong shove to leave one by any other means than when it was on the ground!

My mates are also doing a charity jump for ms, so I’ve sponsored them. It’s all going for the same great cause.

Freckles x

Good for you Jemma. I’ll sponsor you. :slight_smile:

Yes freckles you are absolutely right all goes to a brilliant charity

Welsh boy thank you very much its really appreciated

Hi all new to this so I don’t know much about how things any advice please


Welcome to the forum.

What you’ve just done is post a reply to a very old thread.

Instead of doing that, it might be a better idea to start a new one. If you hit the button marked New Thread, give your Thread a title and then post a bit of an introduction to you and any questions you might have that we could help with.

Are you diagnosed? If so, when were you diagnosed? If you’re not diagnosed with MS, tell us about your history and what brings you to the forum.