skydive gdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis last summer and I took the approach of I want to dod what I can while I can soooo ive always wanted to do a skydive and it was booked. So on the 25th july I will jumping out of a plane. Of course its all for this brilliant charity who lets face it help so many people and really are like extended family :slight_smile: if anyone would be able to sponsor me it would be hugely appreciated and I would also ask that you share my link and tell my story to as many people as you can please. Im desperate to raise as much as possible and with poeple help it will be a great success. My link is below please take a look at my story and share share share anywhere. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Good luck Jemma, stay safe!

julien ,

Good luck Jemma, your very brave

Well I have to have happy pills just to get on a plane these days, would have to be comatosed and pushed of!!!

Some of my mates are also doing a charity jump for ms, so I’m sponsoring them.

Good luck you are so brave!

Freckles xxx

Thank you. Ive never even been on a plane haha

Good luck! I did one to raise money for the MS Soc a couple years ago, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done, I absolutely loved it.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend paying to have the photos and DVD. I wasn’t going to do it as it’s pretty expensive, but am so glad I did, as now I’ve got the permanent record. I’ve got a framed photo on my wall of me saluting to the camera! (If you want, you can have a watch of my video here - The day I jumped out of the Sky - YouTube)


Thanks dan n yes im definitely going to get at least a picture. I cant wait lol I just hope I can raise a bit more money before then

You are very brave! (or crazy lol). I did a cake break to raise money, my feet stayed firmly on the ground. lol.

Good luck!

Have shared for you!

Thank you ssamm very much appreciated

Haziebabie yes im wondering if im mad haha im looking in to venues for a cake break also anything to help raise the sponsors now as they seem to of stopped recently and i only have 2 months to go

Hiya I’m doing one too with my friend on the 26th july…where are you doing it?I’m doing one in kent…

My page if neone would Also like to support me,would b really appreciated is


Good luck tickles…xxx


Ekk I’m also doing one to raise money for the ms society on the 26th July in kent.where are you doing urs?

I hope u dnt mind me posting my page here if people would also like to sponsor me…

Good luck tickles…everyone thinks we r crazy but I like u want to do these things when still can…we which will hopefully b