Hi , all. This is the first time I have used this site to post anything.Since having to stop work in early 2012, I have got fed up with finding things I can’t do any longer.I threw myself of a mountain a few years ago in turkey with a parachute and a turk strapped to my back and that was fun.So I decided to look into skydiving, to see if I were able to do it.

I found a place nr Brigg and went to see if they would take me, They said yes and when I told my family, My wife, daughter and eldest son said they would love to do it as well. I have paid for us all to jump in June this year and thought it may be a good idea to raise some money for the local branch of the MS society. I have been in touch with a lot of family and friends I used to work with to get sponsors for the jump.My daughter has set up a page on just giving, and made it public on facebook. She has raised about £150 in about 24hrs.

​I thought I could ask all of you out there if you were able to support us.this is the link to our justgiving page.

​Thanks in advance for any Help/Support you can give us in this fundraising venture.

Hi Mark

I did my tandem jump at that place 3 years & it was fantastic. I’m a wheelchair user, so they had people on the ground to ‘catch’ me when we landed - sounds dangerous, but all it meant was someone helped to scoop up my legs as I didn’t have the strength to lift them out of the way of the ground. It was gorgeous on the dive though - it was the last jump of the day and the sun was just beginning to set, so the sky was beautiful. I’d have gone straight back up if I could : )

Good luck with raising money. I did it to raise money for my local MS Society branch as well, and also a local MS Therapy Centre, and it really surprised me how generous people were.


(And if you can afford it, I recommend getting the video done. I wasn’t going to but some friends clubbed together to give it as an early Christmas present, and I’m so glad they did, as it means I can relive the experience. .This is my video here - The day I jumped out of the Sky - YouTube)

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hi mark

enjoy it! dan’s video is fantastic and it looks like the experience of a life time.

good on yer both

carole x

Good luck to you all mark



Hell yeah! Dan that was fantastic, have to say I couldn’t do it I haven’t got the bottle.

Jan x

Good luck Mark, hope you enjoy as much as Dan did.

Jan x