New to DMD's

Hello lovelies

Hope the weather is gorgeous where you all are, and you can make the most of it.

I’m due to have my first delivery of Rebif tomorrow, bit dubious after reading some posts about inconsistent deliveries. But also curious as to what will happen. Is it just a case of I sign and they hand it all over, or will they come into my home? (Do I need to to make sure it’s tidy)

I know my nurse went through the process with me, as did the woman on the phone when I arranged the delivery, but my memory is pants these days what if I forget to do everything properly!

I guess I’m panicking slightly!

Freckles xxx


Have you had your delivery yet? If not the delivery company ring the doorbell and hand over the meds which you sign for. They don’t enter your house.


Fab thank you Cathy, that’s good to hear.

Although have cleaned more than I would have done so my home is looking pretty good!

Freckles x