New sensation of skin ripping!?!

Hi, Haven’t been on for awhile, I’ve been coping well with amitriptyline, finally got a neuro app in a couple of weeks, and now suddenly more weird symptoms appear! Have any of you had this one, or is it maybe something completely unrelated? When I move my left foot, stretch it out or turn it sideways, I get the feeling of the skin on the top of my foot is being ripped apart. My husband wondered if it was a torn tendon, because of the ripping sensation, but I haven’t done anything to my foot to injure it, just woke one day to this feeling. I don’t want to keep going back to GP with new problems, will make a note of it and add it to my list for the neuro! Any thoughts? Thanks, Helen

I am not diagnosed yet but i have a numb patch near left knee. I get this ripping sensation without even moving, i can just be stood still. I also get fierce pins and needles at this patch along with feeling like someone has tipped ice cold water down me. Weird! Hoping for answers after my MRI.