New numbness

Hi all, I wondered if anyone can give me a bit of info here. Last year, I started with numbness in my right thumb and forefinger. After a few days it progressed to pins and needles aswell as the numbness, then a few days later I started with horrific pain which felt like someone had stripped back all the skin on that part of my hand, and was pouring salt on it. The pain was horrific. The only thing that helped was amytryptilline. Since then, the pain sunbsided apart from the odd shooting pains and I still get pins and needles. However, I have noticed, over the last few days, that my other hand has started. But not the same fingers, infact the last three digits. I just wanted to to know weather this is common? Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Many thanks

Dont know if it is common but it nwas one of my early syptoms not had them for near on twenty yearsa now, But as you know soon as I say that I will be having them. I put mine down to stripping the paint off the hallway all those years ago you know repetitive stains or strains what ever they call it. Hope you get it sorted. I think steroids did mine in. Don

Thanks for your reply Don, I think what was puzzling me, is that you read so much that symtoms are not usually symmetrical, but I was kind of thinking they would not be classed as symmetrical as they are two different nerves that are affected, ie, the ulnar nerve in one hand and the median nerve in the other? Or am I just taking out of my backside? I don’t know. Doh! Lol