New neurology appt/MRI ongoing symptoms

Hiya all.
Just reaching out for any idea on what to expect etc. I’ve been on a path of undiagnosed symptoms for close to 10 year. In that time ive had the usual bloods done countless times. Ive had CFS, Fibromyalgia etc diagnosed then dismissed. I’ve seen rheumotology and ortho and been discharged. Extensive physio but yet my condition gets worse. I’ve made alist of all symtoms weakness, fatigue, tingling, dysphagia etc. It’s cost me my career. I use crutches now to go out and about, still struggle if its too long.

I had an MRI which showed white matter disease or inflammatory demylination. I’ve had bloods acetychloline which is something to do with demylination (I think?) my GP referred me to a Neuro orgently. Ive got my appointment in January and although it shouldnt its playing on my mind alot.
My GP did say MS is possibility but see Neuro.

Any help, tips, advice, what to expect etc much appreciated.