New Name for MS

Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine sent me a joke giving different names to deseases and the one chosen for ms was Tulips and Roses. I thought, now that sounds a lovely thing to have!!!

What’s your thoughts?


Quite apt I think, because when fatigue kicks in I look and feel like a wilted tulip!!!


Think Ill name it hybernation disease since it makes me want to curl up and sleep forever sometimes. Then when it allows me a life, Ill call it high/light day.

Flowers are apt because we are not only lovely but hopefully smell lovely as well (:o)



Yaaaaaaaa! I want Tulips and Roses too : )))) Thats a great name and sounds quite pleasant really. I have a new name for the avonex pen, avonex becomes avasevereheadacheandwobblylegsnex : )))) thats what my first injection did for me : ( its a bit long-winded but works for me, unlike the actual drug…


It must be a bit lost on me without the rest of the joke!

Why did they settle on “Tulips and Roses”? Were the other illnesses flowers too?

If only it were as easy as just changing the name to something nice. I think it might put me off the real things, though, if they now reminded me of MS. Or would it be a straight swap, and they’d now be known as MS?



i like that name

my husband just asked me how was i feeling. now if i had answered truthfully i’d have said “cr*p”.

but i said that i felt like i was on the road to nowhere.

now we are both whstling the talking heads song “road to nowhere”

silly but it made me smile

carole x

I call it an ugly monster

When I told my friend I had MS she said we should call it More Sex…

I wish.

Sue xxx

Hi Janet, that’s a lovely name for it but at the moment I think a weed would be more apt lol. Karen

Hi Folks,

Thanks for your thoughts on Tulips and Roses, Anita the rest of the joke was irrelevant so I didn’t bother putting it in.

I’m so sorry that you feel like that Kylie, just trying to brighten the day.

Thanks to everyone else who joined in, Pip, you made me chuckle, Bren, yours was a good idea, Carole at least it made you start singing. But I just l o v e d yours Sue…if only!!! Mikey, I’m glad you liked it to. Karen, sorry you think a weed is more apt, but I understand why. But a flower is a weed if you don’t want it! Food for thought.

Take care all of you.