MS in one phrase.

Hiya Guys

Hope you’re all as good as can be!

In regards to my awareness project about MS, I was thinking of a good strap line to advertise the event. So I thought as the experts (you guys!) how would you sum up MS in one sentence or phrase? I don’t want to scare any of the audience or make MS seem very light, so if you guys could put forward anything and I’ll try choose the best!

Thanks a lot!


Get on with it! We are all still here!!!

“Be Aware of the Wear & Tear”

I always say that the only predictable about the MS illness, is it’s unpredictability. My employers have started saying it now :slight_smile:

when asked what it stud for i always referd my m/s as (multiple stupidity) maybe a bit flipent,

or an (ocean of emotion) but maybe thats a little flowery

or a waltzer ride (the loader you screem, the faster we go!

like stea says predictablea unprodictable, sory if i changed anything


Just like the lottery, it could be you…no purchase necessary!

On a humorous note, but no good as a tag line It means I’m now wearing shoes my mother would have approved of!

“I have MS, but it doesnt have me” Xx

expect the unexpected…

appreciate what you can do when you can do it…


A Mess

MS…A change in choices

For me ‘I would describe it as a hurricane that got me’. I got a servere ear infection that triggered my attack and now look at me (if you could see my nervous system). Yes that would scare people so prob not the best for your project.

So here’s my other strapline:

‘Absorb as much information on MS as you can if you are an MS an patient’. Once I started to learn about MS in depth that really helped me on this journey.

Multiple Sclerosis, the clue is in the title. It has affected me in so many ways and my family also. There is no going back, so I shall go forward.

MS. It’s not just for Christmas

Impossible to put it in one phrase !! This is my summary tho; Never a guarantee , always a dull moment Blue skies and hope, dark curtains and despair, all in one day. Elation, serenity and pain all knitted together Proudness, confidence and crippling fear, all in one feeling. Life is just different yet all but the same, others matter but not all count, MS is not a person.

“I’m still in here”.

in the words of mr spock

“its life jim but not as we know it”

Every cloud has a silver lining, can’t walk but can park where I like.