What does MS stand for to YOU

For me, MS stands for Many Spillages!

What does it stand for for you?

PG xx

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haha! just spilled my cup of tea and thought “what a mess”.

and there you both were with “many spillages” and “a mess”

oh i’m so predictable!!!

carole x

Yep, I’m always making A Mess too . Sometimes it also means ‘miserable s*d’ but thankfully not often. I try not to get down hearted, I prefer to laugh things off.

Tracey x

Multi Skilled!

i have learnt to be and if plan b doenst work then maybe s, t, u etc might…


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My Squatter …cos it appeared at my door yonks ago, invited itself into my life, and no matter what I do, it won’t b****r off!!

Pam x

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Mostly Sh*te !!

I’m with you Tracey. I deal with things with laughter.

PG. I would say MS for me stands for Many Surprises!!

Shazzie x

Mostly Stress

How about “mental surfing” on a rolling ocean. Blimey! It took me a long time to think up that one. xx

My Strength!

Many, Many Slips.

One thing I can say for ‘our lodger’ though is that no two days are the same.


Peter Griffin from family Guy fame was going to beat up an old bully from school when the guy claimed he had MS, Peter said what, a monkey scrotum.

I’ll stick with that.

Moments of sorrow

Many successes

Much stress

Mainly surviving but

Mostly s**te


The same as it meant to Richard Pryor: More Sh*t

My Shadow. I keep on moving in the hope that it is always behind me; unable to catch me up.


M y S peciality…

M ore S hit to deal with…

M y S hame - at times - when I feel sorry for myself…(why me)

More Strength than I ever knew I had.

Which doesn’t mean I’m strong all the time cos I’m not.

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@mickman - i saw that episode of family guy and my son said he was glad that i’d finally found it funny!!!

Mostly sh it.

This is because of the things I haven’t got the energy to do with my family.

Mother*&^%ing Symptoms