Can someone help out with the meanings of the acronyms


I am sure I am not alone in not knowing what all of these mean, any kind soul happy to post their meanings?  Thanks

I know

ON = Optic Neuritus

I wish I could be of more use,but I struggle with all of the  TLA s..............................Three Letter Abbreviations.


Somebody did put a very comprehensive list on here a while ago,but I know not whom or when.


What I will say is that the first time I bring Multiple Sclerosis up in a conversation that is what I say.MS is fine after that, but there are quite a few conditions which are shortened to TLA or DLA and we don't need to be confusing the Great British Public any more than it already is.



l don't know them all but DMD is disease modifying drugs

                                        LDN  low dose naltrexone

                                         TN  trigeminal neuralgia

                                         DLA    disabled living allowance

                                          SDA  severe disability allowance


I've had MS for over 13 years - there are 'some' acronyms that I 'struggle' with - I am 'resigned' to 'reading' over them - maybe I'm 'just hoping that it will go away (by ignoring it)'.


DX = diagnosed

OT = occupational therapist

OH = occupation health or other half

IB= incapacity benefit ( it's being phased out and replaced with ESA )

ESA = employment and support allowance

SS = social services

can't think of anymore!

PIP,,,,personal independent payment ,,replacing DLA

Ooh, thought of some more!

Rx = script = prescription

jab = jag (Scotland) = injection

PwMS - person with MS

PaMS - person affected by MS i.e. people with MS and their families and carers

RRMS - relapsing remitting MS - the most common type that 85%ish of people start with

(REMS - rapidly evolving MS - a label used by clinicians to get their patients to qualify for certain drugs)

PPMS - primary progressive MS - the type that doesn't start with relapses (primary doesn't mean better ;>)

SPMS - secondary progressive MS - the type that follows RRMS (relapses may still happen for a time after the SPMS stage begins)

CNS - central nervous system i.e. brain & spinal cord

DMT - disease modifying treatments (similar to DMDs already mentioned)

ABCRs - an older term referring to Avonex, Betaferon/Beta interferon, Copaxon & Rebif

LDN - low dose naltrexone (a personal favourite, had to slip it in there)

CCSVI - chronic cerebro spinal venous insufficiency (the theory that PwMS have defective vascular systems and too much blood hangs around in the brain area)

AFO - ankle foot orthotic (normally some sort of strapping to stop foot drop)

SAFO - silicone ankle foot orthosis (silicone 'welly' that stops drop foot)

FES - functional electrical stimulation (a system of wires, battery pack & control box that stimulates the foot into not dropping, thus enabling 'normal' walking and muscles to continue in action for longer)

Crumbs, and that's just the start. Going to find summat exciting to do now before I turn into an anorak!

Lolli xx




Adding a few

LOL- Laugh out loud

IMO - In my opinion

TN - Trigeminal Neuralgia

ISC - Intermittent Self Catheterisation

DMD - Disease Modifying Drug

MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

RRMS - Remitting Relapsing Mulltiple Sclerosis

SPMS - Secondary Progressive MS

PPMS - Primary Progressive MS

PRMS - Progressive Relpasing MS

OH - Other Half

DIL - Daughter in Law

SIL - Son in Law (ore Sister in Law)

MIL - Mother in Law (etc on the *ILs)

Hope that helps




bth = by the way

lol = laugh out loud

hth= hope that helps

That's about all I can add as most of it has already been said.


Lovely thank you all so much.  I may print out a list to refer to, that will help.

WTF... but maybe you know that one?

Pat x happy

Thanks everybody.

DX PPMS in 1989 and for the first time I now know what the acronyms mean.

What do you know, I just used two of them.


When I first used the old board I thought ' HTH ' was bye in Welsh because a Welsh board user always signed her messages off with HTH. It was only when other users were doing the same that the penny finally dropped.( Although I did think there were a lot of Welsh speakers here at one point )happy

It took a long time for that penny to drop. And I thought PMSL was something to do with sending a personal message. It was only when someone posted ' I'm PMSL ',  that that penny dropped.

I wished I had just asked !

But just to confuse things PIP can also be a name !!!!


Not so much acronyms, as common prescription abbreviatios used by GPs, etc ...

a.c.  (ante cebum) - before food


b.d.  (bis die) - twice daily

o.d.  (omni die) - daily

o.m. (omni mane) - in the morning

o.n. (omni nocte) - at night

p.c. (post cibum) - after food

p.r.n. (pro re nata) - when required

q.d.s (quater die sumendos) -  four times daily

q.q.h (quarta quaque hora) - every four hours

stat. (statim) - immediately

t.d.s. (ter sumendos) - three times daily



A more comprhensive list can be found on Wikipadia at