Hi all, excuse my ignorance but i cant understand all the abbreviation

on the site it would be very helpful to have a sticky that explain to a

gorm like me the full names of the abbreviation

kind regards John

Poll (MS43) suggested having a permanent thing somewhere on here to explain abbreviations and I’m pretty sure the webteam said they would do it, but nothing’s happened. Maybe one day?!

Here are a few more…:

RRMS: relapsing remitting MS

SPMS: secondary progressive MS

PPMS: primary progressive MS

PRMS: progressive relapsing MS

PwMS: people with MS

TN: trigeminal neuralgia

OH: occupational health (but also sometimes “other half”)

CAB: Citizen’s Advice Bureau

DLA: Disability Living Allowance

ESA: Employment and Support Allowance

hth: hope that helps

btw: by the way

I’m sure there are loads more, but it’s getting late!


Karen x

It’s an alphabet soup – here are some more ingredients

DWP - Department of Work and Pensions

IB Incapacity Benefit

HB Housing benefit (Sometimes known as local housing allowance)

CTB Council Tax Benefit

NI National Insurance

WTC Working Tax Credit

OT Occupational Therapist

MS is a PITA (I just made this one up!) Pain in the a****


Hi, I see you got 2 or 3 replies with examples on. Sorry if us oldies rattle on with abbreviations. It annoys my hubby when I do it.

Can I/we help you with any ohters?

luv Pollx

Hi all,thanks for the reply i can now understand

a wee bit what folkes are posting


We were indeed going to have an abbreviations list for newbies. Please feel free to add any others here and we’ll compile them into a glossary.

Greg [admin]