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Hi everyone I’m new here and still working my way round how to use the site. Can you help?( ATOS ) As if filling the form in wasn’t difficult enough (had to have it filled in for me) but living with MS is even more difficult :frowning: I have recently been placed in the WRAG and just can’t comprehend how they come to this decision!! I have all on to function in the home on a day to day basis so how and who would employ such a person? May well just kill me now, suffering heavy legs and have been for years on top of fatigue and all the usual MS symptoms any quality of life I have would diminish significantley.

Hi I went for my medical with Atos yesterday, and I cant understand how they can put you in WRAG!! Last yr I could get up get the kids sorted for school, go to work, shop and do housework. 11mths later god I cant do anything without feeling fatigued!!!

You can appeal against it, look on the website.

Good Luck


You have 28 days from the date of the decision letter to appeal so don’t delay.
You appeal by filling in a form called GL24
DWP should have sent you this with your letter. But if not you can download one. Just Google “If you think our decision is wrong”

As regards an appeal the best advice I can give is to join a website called Benefits and Work (it costs £20.00 p/a) They will take you step by step through the appeal procedure.

Don’t just accept this decsion – many people are winning appeals and getting the benefit they deserve.

Thank you I don’t intend to accept this without putting up a fight, In my opinion they are targetting the wrong people. Thank you Wendels regarding that website you mentioned certainley sounds like it’s worth joining having just looked at it :slight_smile: