Suitable for work

My wife recently went through the huge form filling atos system and has been told she has been put in the work related group and will lose her benefits in a years time, she is distressed beyond belief , as its obvious to even a blind man shes never going to be able to work ,how can they do this.

update i got it wrong, they accept she has limited capability for work but she doesn`t have limited capability for work related activity so she has been placed in the work related activity group and will lose her esa benefit in june 2014 unless she can prove otherwise, we are taking it to a tribunal.

You need to appeal for sure. Gather as much info as poss, from neuro, GP anyone!

I dunno, why is it so hard for the genuine folk and yet these ruddy layabouts lie and get away with it?

Good luck.


I know the feeling Harvey i retired from the RNLI & sold my 25ft fishing vessel in 2008 after fighting this illness since 2001 after much talking with wife we decided on safety grounds id get checked out & was advised id never work again , Aug this year they decided im okay for the WRAG group , some days i cant leave the house and im supposed to get a job & let folks down all the time or become self employed either way ends arnt going to meet and im going to let good folk down .

I can understand why they did it but think they have accidentally targeted the genuine folks too , i hope you win , i just wished i hadn’t felt pressured and appealed myself , but all the fight has gone from me.

Goodluck buddy


Oh sheep! I do feel for you. So many people owe their lives to the efforts of the RNLI.

I often feel my fight is all gone, but I bounce back somehow and fight on another day.

it is a hard life with a severe disability, no-one knows what we go through, except those who look after us. Just getting up each day takes enormous amounts of strength and will power.

It probably is easier to give up, but we have other people to think about, who we depend on, but they love us and want us to stick around.

luv Pollx