ATOS assessment

I had my ATOS assessment and didn’t take my mum with me, I think that was a big mistake on my part. I discussed my MS and sensory relapse I was currently going through. I have not been working and am on ESA. I received a letter today saying I have now been put in the working group and am considered fit for work. My GP has signed me off work for 7 more weeks as I am still not quite well enough for all this.

I think I would be well enough to work 10 - 15 hours a week but not fulltime. I did explain this to the ATOS examiner. A local job not physical work.

Does anyone know will they be expecting me to look for fulltime work? thanksx

I use walking aids and was found fit too not diagnosed yet I did a reconsideration and was put in work focus activity group entiled to esa but need to attend work focus interviews due to my bad mobility they do these over phone, do a reconsideration if still same after that appeal I too went alone I regret it.

If in WRAG group you do not need to look for work but if you don’t attend interviews they will sanction your benefit, hope this helps.

Hi They will not expect you to get a full-time job. The wrag group is saying over time they feel you may be fit for a job (full or part time). You can ask for a reconsideration if you feel you should be in the support group, but the criteria for this is tough and is saying you are not capable of any job. Hope this helps Neil

Thanks for the responses that really helps x