I received my ESA50 questionnaire this morning. I am in the Support Group at the mo, but I am worried they will put me in the WRAG. My condition hasn’t changed at all.

You hear so many stories about people being’fit for work’ and they have to appeal.

Hopefully it will be ok, I’ll have to wait and see and deal with it if it happens.

Just had to have a rant! Lyn

MS is a progressive condition… you do not get better.

The DWP have to prove you are fit for work. As you are already in the support group this should not be a problem for you.

I am in the support group, and I await with the usual trepidation an ESA50 dropping through my door.

I have thought I may just write on the form… see previous ESA50.

Good luck…

Good idea! Think I might do that. (not really) lol. I wonder what would happen, probably stop my benefits.

Oh God Please don’t do that. The DWP do not have a sense of humour.

The criteria will have changed slightly since last you filled in the form so do it with due diligence. I know common sense tells us that MS is a chronic condition and that if you are in the support group now you should stay there but it honestly doesn’t work like that. Decisions will be made based on what you put on the form this time, no matter what went on last time.

If you are not already a member I would advice joining Benefits and work (£20.00 p/a and well worth it)

Yes, Ive looked through the form. It certainly is different. I am going to get in contact with my local DIAL centre, they helped me do the form last time.

Im already a member of ‘benefits and work’ and they are very helpful.

Thanks for the replies. Lyn x