LDN excuse my ignorance

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been reading the posts regarding LDN and DMD, now I know what DMD stands for but would one of you kind souls please tell me what LDN stands for.

Be very grateful.

Janet x

It stands for Low Dose Naltrexone and is an unapproved treatment for MS. You can find some reliable information at www.ldnresearchtrust.org

Thanks for reply, I felt such an idiot not knowing.

Janet x

Nothing to fuss about and asking is the best way to find out.

Thanks for that.

Janet x

Hi Janet.

One of my favourite sayings: “He who asks a question is a fool for a minute. He who does not is a fool forever.”

Not that you are remotely a fool at all! There are so many acronyms on here it takes a while to learn them all :slight_smile:

LDN is worth looking into. It doesn’t work for everyone, but some MSers find it helps with their symptoms and some progressive MSers find it has helped with their progression. For what it’s worth, if I didn’t have access to DMDs, I would certainly try it.

Karen x

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the sayings, thought it was brilliant, I’ll have to remember that one. So many thanks

I’m just trying to gather together as much info that I can before I next see my neuro in May, and as the saying goes ‘every little helps’

So thanks very much, I have been on certain DMD’s for Ankylosing Spondylitis but none that I have seen mentioned on the forum and had such awful side effects and don’t want to fall into that again. Possibly different DMD’s for different deseases, I just don’t know.

Thank you for your reply.

Janet x