Richard Prior

Hi all

Just a quick one that made me laugh- the American comic Richard Prior said that MS stands for ‘more shit’… well, I thought it was funny!

Fluffyollie xx

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I know it’s self condeming (if such a word/phrase) & i don’t mind if a person with MS uses it, but i reffer to my own as

multiple stupidity, but a yank comic?? bless’m

smile, julien​x

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I may have misunderstood what you are saying about “Yank comics” but Richard Pryor had MS … and with all of the other health issues he had (most self-induced) he would have every right to greet that diagnosis with “what the @@@@ is this new @@@@!?”

Personally, I have adopted Terry Pratcett’s description of his dementia as an “embuggerance”. Very good descriptor for neurological conditions IMHO


very good! yet another pearl of wisdom from mr pratchett

btw, yes- prior did have ms himself, otherwise he would have come across as a bit of a tool. not that has stopped some people i am sure.

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