New member of the gang...

Hi all, a new user Paul has posted at end of ‘Positives’ post…

Pat x

okey cokey. I`ll take a peek.

luv Pollx

Hi all, Thank you for your kind, welcoming and encouraging replies. Even though I have a full on day with my seven year old, I couldn’t resist looking in. It looks like a nice place to be, I will post more later. Thank you once again for the welcome :slight_smile: Regards Paul

Hi Paul Welcome to the site - hope you’ll come to visit often! We are a friendly bunch and try our best to be upbeat about the MonSter. I too have a 7-year-old. Is yours a boy or a girl? Mine is the youngest of four brothers! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa. Little girl, she is my beautiful angel :slight_smile: Gives me all the reasons to go into combat with the “gorilla” Paul :slight_smile:

Oh dear Paul, just read you’re post all teary now (in a good way). What a lovely post.

Btw, hi and welcome…This is a lovely place filled with even lovelier people.



what do you mean by positives post? sorry so dim mary.

sorry, found it!

Hi Paul

Just wanted to welcome you to our little gang and hope you

have a lovely Christmas and New Year.,

Pam x

Dear All So many warm and kind messages, it really means a lot. Thank you. As I get used to this forum I am sure you will find me posting in the right place :slight_smile: and feeling braver to ask questions and seek advice and tips on how to manage this confusion, and maybe even have some to give one day. Happy Christmas Paul