new medical word

Hiya, received a copy letter sent to my gp today…following my bladder procedure recently.

patulous…apparently I have a patulous urethra

well of course I couldnt wait to look it up

it means something which is opened or apart

doc did say my bladder is small and my urethra opening is big

no wonder I always had to rush to a loo and now need my spc eh?

learning all zee time…who said that? can you remember? it was on a comedy show…answers on a postcard…


Poll,all I can say is…Felicitations. As fast as you reached for the dictionary,the GP will have done it quicker.I’m saying you have a shobgite of a consultant and he/she/it has earned every penny of their £120,000 ish salary.I’d have said that patulous was something to do with your knee or Dad.

Is there a competition here for the most unused,fandanadobilous word brought back into the world by our esteemed medical professionals?

It’s 12 months since my last audience with my almighty neurotic and 7 until the next and I’d like to say there was something similar to “How are you”?..I’d like to.If there were any nice worms they’ve gone now and my neuron must have something better to try and remember.


hi poll

was it “allo, allo”?

i loved the english airman with his french accent!

Wb - what are you on? can i have some too?

carole x

Carole,on the conveyor belt today was an individual portion of Omeprazole (to protect my tummy) 1200 mg of Gobapentin, 25ml of Oromorph,three cups of black coffee and 11 Marlboro Light.There was some food but that was boring,apart from the wine gums.As time passes I am drawn to the orange as a favourite…Must be the vitamin C


ps Carole…GET YER OWN