new lesions

hi everyone ,

i wrote a post on here couple month back about symptoms, ive had mri and got docs to chase results up as not heard anything coming up 6 weeks , anyway my first mri back in 2011 i had 1 lesion on c5 spine and got diagnosed with clinically isolated syndrome , my new mri has come back with lesions and words are from T3/4 to T5/6 there is a segment of high T2w cord predominantly affecting the right hemicord these were not present on last mri, ,what will this mean for me as i havnt heard nothing yet of neuro

thanks lucy xx

The report says that you now have a longer lesion in the right half of the spinal cord in your upper back, between your shoulder blades. If you google “vertebrae numbering”, you’ll see exactly where T3/4-T5/6 is.

Clearly a new lesion means that you no longer have CIS, but I’m afraid I don’t know what the diagnosis will change to. Strictly speaking, you would also need brain lesions for RRMS to be considered, but neuros don’t always follow the guidelines to the letter. There are a load of other possibilities too of course, not just MS.

Can your GP push for a neuro appointment for you? It seems strange that you haven’t got a follow up appointment already :frowning:

Karen x

hi karen , i phoned neuro secatry for the 3rd time in 2 weeks yesterday got answer , she explained to me that neuro discussed with me before mri that if more lesions were present they were going to diagnose me only this neuro has just left and left my other neuro a note saying she has diagnosed me but its up to other neuro if she want to get me on meds lucy

Diagnosis via the secretary?! FFS! That’s ridiculous :frowning: The current criteria for injectable DMDs are to be over 18, able to walk 200m, not have any contraindications and, arguably the most important one, to have had at least two “clinically significant” (ie serious / disabling / debilitating) relapses in two years. However, even if you meet the criteria, before you can get on them, you have to see a neuro! And that has to be a neuro who can prescribe them (not all can). It sounds to me that you need to ask for a letter confirming your diagnosis and for an appointment with the other neuro, the one who will decide on meds. Maybe get your GP involved to help? Kx

i agree with the ffs! A little compassion wouldnt go a miss.

Lucy I hope you get treatment and feel some relief soon hun.

kelly x

hi karen and kelly

yeh its a bit mad , they seem so slow at getting back to me by letter ,i just wanted answers for the last few yrs as trying to explain everything to docs has been hard but now glad i have answers, but not jumping the boat till i actually get it in writing , will give it to next week and if still not heard anything i will contact them again telling them i want the neuro to phone me , feel as though they are not really bothered always thought that if u did have ms they would want to slow it down instead of it getting any worse i know its not a cure but something to help really.

lucy x