GP appointment last night and what a shock :(

Hello, Well, after my meltdown on Friday, I saw my GP last night. He started off by saying that I needed to start taking Vitamin D as my levels were slightly lower than normal. He brought up my Neuro’s letter on his screen and I saw the words multiple lesions out the corner of my eye (I was trying not to look). He then printed the prescription and didn’t sound like he was going to elaborate, so I asked him about the MRI results. He turned his screen towards me to look at and said ‘you have multiple lesions on your spine - mid, thoracic and lumber’. I read the sentence myself over and over, I just couldn’t take it in. It said that the lesions were consistent with demyelination. My GP said that to him, this meant MS. He said obviously you have to see the Neuro in February and get the official diagnosis and more information etc. As I have multiple lesions on my spine, does this indicate a long period of time (that I have been ill?) That will teach me won’t it for assuming things :frowning: I nearly apologised but then I thought he doesn’t know that I ranted, so no harm! Sam xx

Maybe not, Sam. Depends what you mean by " a long period of time" of course,

I went from 1 lesion to 3 in less than six months - but without any physical sign that anything was wrong since the original attack.
It all depends on which nerves the lesions affect.

Still, your GP is on the ball about D3 though.


Sorry to hear about the shock :frowning: At least your GP was upfront about it though.

Lesions don’t really have any fixed rate of development and relapses can cause a different number of lesions each time too. How long you’ve been ill is best measured by how long you’ve had symptoms, although it’s only an estimate as clinically silent lesions are common in MS so it’s possible for someone to have old lesions that hadn’t caused symptoms.

A small word of caution - MS is not the only condition that can cause demyelination so maybe try to keep a very slightly open mind until you see the neuro.

I hope the appointment goes well - make sure to take a list of questions and symptoms you need help with.

Karen x

Thank you Geoff and Karen for replying. I am going to take your advice Karen, I need to wait for my follow up and see what he says. At least I have time to think about what I would like to ask. Sam x