recall appointment

Hi I’ve posted here before, I have a Neuro appointment today after a lot of waiting around is there anything I should or shouldn’t be asking as I’m worried this may be my last chance, I’m using wheelchair due to pain tight legs burning in leg and both feet, mri shows brain lesions. 'Lp, clear, lower back mri says I’ve had a broken back in past, physio says he can’t do anymore as he suspects nerve problems is cause so that’s all I have so far, any advice welcome plz

Sorry you didnt get any respinses before your appointment. How did it go?

Thats ok, he said all the lesions and stuff are down to my age same as lower back scans I have bulging discs angular tears and old fracture he says most people would show the same so he’s put a reccomendation to go to prescribe baclofen and reffered me to pain clinic and rhuematology, I don’t fully agree but am giving up trying to get answer its too much hassle thanks for asking hope yr well

yes thanks, I’m well. I was diagnosed 11 years ago even after a clear LP & was one of the lucky ones with 2 big relapses in 3 months! (hospitalised both times with MRIs showing progression) so got my diagnosis quickly. But in 2005 I didn’t qualify for DMDs and luckily for me my progression since then has been slow. I pushed my gp for a referral and dmds when the guidelines changed last year after a relapse. All my lesions have been on my brain and recently I had a spine mri showing 1 old lesion there too, probably from last Aprils relapse which affected my walking as most of my other symptoms have been milder sensory issues. I had scans on my back in 2005,after a car accident and was advised I had bulging discs & osteoarthritis in my c spine and lower back but no mention of lesions then so cant advise you on that, sorry but I thought lesions were ms related but perhaps there are orher reasons for spinal lesions too. I’m 50 now so my body is starting to get very creaky. I have cysts in my hips which means in the future I’ll be needing hip replacemwnts but fortunately it doesn’t cause too much bother at the moment although i have started to have steroid injections into ny hip to help ease the pain. What did the neuro say about your brain lesions?

Hi Sallum

i too have a cyst in my hip ( I have congenital hip dysplasia) but steroid injection last week did nothing. All of this on top of MS. Grrrrr!

hi thanks for replys im sorry your both having so much difficulties, he says the brain lesions are due to my age if he brought a load of people the same age and scannned their brain they wld get same result,down same with my back even though its been fractured (im just turned 42 btw) he says the other doctor is wrong about the small fibre neuropathy as ive had the leg pain longer then the burning pain in feet and legs, just feel really down about it, hes reffered me to rhuematology, pain clinic and asked the doctor to start me on baclofen

Hi Minstrel, sorry to hear the steroid injection isnt working for you. I was told it should kuck in fairly quickly but found it took a couple of weeka to feel the benefit. my injection is starting to wear off now but i dont have another appointment until the end of october!

Hi all I was hoping for some advice. I recently lost my sight in one eye which lasted for a couple of days and gradually returned. I was referred to eye hospital who diagnosed by a fluro test that it was a enlarged nerve but booked me in for an MRI head scan. This came back showing a few lesions and stated highly likely of demyelination. I saw a neurologist privately following this who has said I do not have MS but am at high risk of developing. Does this demyelination definitely mean a first sign of MS or could it be something else? I have had no other symptoms. I am trying to remain positive and think even if it does end up being diagnosed as MS it could be mild? They have booked me on for a further MRI head and spine in 6 months and am taking 1000 UI Vitamin D as advised. Thank you in advance