ms nurse!!

The ms nurse returned my call yesterday and i told her about my back and hip pain etc. She said my neuro doesn’t think i have ms but he’s sitting on the fence and keeping an eye on me. She said he hasn’t mentioned ms on my notes. I asked her what the lesions and symptoms could be and she said viruses and age. She said the neuro isn’t worried about me and i shouldn’t worry.

I am 45. Also how do you explain why my previous 2 brain scans in the first 11 years i was ill were ok but the one last year obviously showed lesions!!! I am confused.

Hello, I am 45 and have 2 white matter lesions, I have sensory symptoms and a heavy leg,awful fatigue, I did have balance problems too but these have improved. I have been told by my neurologist that the lesions are not consistant with MS and it is musculoskeletal. I can not understand why I have sensory symptoms (feeling of insects crawling over my skin) if musculoskeletal. I have been told the lesions are from ageing and or smoking, I havenever ever smoked! My GP thought it was MS. I have no answers! My sensory evoked potentials were within normal limits too. I have been offered a repeat scan in 12 months if symptoms persist, Just thought I would let you know you are not alone in this! Kind regards.

I have just been to see my gp about my back and hip and he said it was muscular too but like you say how does that explain soe of the strange symptoms.