Confused about diagnoses!

Hi wondering if anybody can answer my questions…was diagnosed with CIS after a drop foot last year and started on dmds as the attack was severe had brain and spinal MRIs which both showed lesions but couldn’t be diagnosed with CDMS ( which is good as having a CIS gives you a little hope its a one off, not likely I know) but have had another MRI a month ago and my gp got a letter ( I have not heard from neuro) stating that some of my lesions had reduced but have developed a new one! Spoke to ms nurse but as yet she’s not got my results even tho my gp has( a tad confused by all this) I would really like to know seeing as I’m the patient duhhhhh!! Just wondering is this common practice not to know wots going on and more important does this change my diagnoses to ms rather than CIS…even tho I’ve had no symptoms I’m aware of that would indicate a relspse( have minor sensory symptoms in my feet from time to time!!)…can anybody help meout with …thanks Emma

Assuming that they are following the McDonald criteria, a new lesion is equivalent to a new attack, even in the absence of symptoms. So a full MS diagnosis seems very likely to me. Sorry.

I’m not a neuro though - and yours may have other ideas.

Karen x

Hi Karen thanks for the reply I thought I had posted one but it seems to be gone?!!..and yes I think your right but will find out for definite soon I suppose at least I’m on dmds so not going to change much there!..Emma x