Hi, I have rrms. Diagnosed 2010 had symptoms since 2007. Last year new lesions found on Mri,started brabio injections, think it is the same as COPAXONE. Had another Mri in August have been told there is new lesions the neurologists wants to see me in November which is two months early than appointment i have booked. She wants to discuss different medication etc. Can anyone help as does this mean the ms is progressing due to new lesions etc ? Does it mean the medication isn’t helping ?? Unsure really what is going on, can anyone help please ? Thanks in advance for any help.


I think it means Glatiramer Acetate (Brabio) isn’t working for you. Not that you’ve moved onto a progressive phase of the disease.

But that’s not the end of the world. It just means that you need to start a better, more effective DMD.

If you haven’t before, have a look at All the Licensed drugs are listed. You can see that Copaxone/Brabio (apparently everyone on Copaxone is being moved onto Brabio - same drug but cheaper) is a category 1.1 drug.

Further down the list are the more effective drugs. When you have your November appointment, see what your neurologist suggests. You could find she thinks Ocrevus for example would be appropriate. (Or one of the other very much more effective drugs.)

It’s worth familiarising yourself with all the drugs, from Tecfidera to Cladribine, Ocrevus and Tysabri. All of these are more effective (reduced relapses and severity of relapses) than Brabio. If you see what you think looks most attractive to you, find out what other people have said about the various drugs by searching this website and maybe another forum such as

Best of luck.


Hi there ncm. Sue is very knowledgeable about RRMS, the various drug options to shorten relapses and lengthen remissions, are definitely worth checking at your next MS review. By following Sue’s recommendations, you will become proactive in choice of meds and find some hope from the latest research. This leads to positive moves completed by yourself, totally opposite to dark negativity. Dark thoughts are part & parcel of this horrid, cruel disease, but we can all find glimmers of light. RRMS can move to PPMS but not always. Try to see the best of this bad situation. By asking yourself; Do you drive, walk at all, cook a meal, go shopping, dress yourself, have a shower or a bath, wash & dry your hair, can you remember any significant information, attend any appointments? Can you carry a bag of shopping? Brush your hair? Put a coat on normally without needing help? If you can say yes to the majority of the above list, then you’re doing really well. In 5, 10, 15 years, you may be/may not be, more limited in functioning, and these present worries, will become insignificant. It’s so easy to say relax, take care, but trying to put some effort into finding hope and occasionally, some relief, is worthwhile. To worry what damage MS can cause is normal, but worry really doesn’t help. A tip someone gave me is that my PPMS will deteriorate, I’ll become more disabled and become even more reliant on others. No-one can say when or how. She asked me if I ever wished I could travel back in time. Then said, bcause one day in the future, I will be more reliant on others and possibly far more disabled, so I must enjoy what I have, and what I can do now. She told me no-one can see the future, so why worry. Yes, harsh but actually true. To be honest, most of us have been exactly where you are. It’s natural to worry for the future, natural to become very worried when new lesions appear. Yet it is wasted emotion, causing stress we don’t need. As Sue has said, there are a lot of reasons, if’s & but’s in your picture. MS of any type is the pits but on going research will help. I wish you good luck in your own MS journey. This forum is a great help to lift moods, reassure and help. Chrissie x