Which dmd????

Hi everyone, I have rrms. I am on brabio I think it is COPAXONE, I have 3 injections a week. I have been on this since last year. I had a Mri that showed new lesions since I have been on brabio. The neurologists said i might want to change treatment. I have a appointment next month to discuss this. Just would like to know what medication works for others. I know everyone is a individual and what is okay for someone might not be okay for another. Also I believe there is infusions. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello ncm123,

I was on Rebif for a while but came off it because of uncomfortable side effects. I’ve not tried any others.

There is a great page of information on DMDs by the MSTrust on this link…

Have a read.



I was on Rebif for a few years. That was great, kept me stable, though I wasn’t a fan of the injections. I had to come off it eventually though as I started getting problems with my liver. Then I went on Tysabri for a few years, which was also great. I decided to come off it as my risk of PML was getting pretty high. I’ve now been on Tecfidera for a few years. It’s easy to manage, as it’s pills. Maybe not as good as Tysabri, but generally OK.

Whatever you go for, remember you can always switch to something else if you don’t get on with it for any reason