Diagnosis and positive consultant appt!

Well, I have been given my diagnosis of RRMS.

I had a very positive appointment with the general neurologist and have my appointment with the MS specialist in 3 weeks to discuss treatment options and will be assigned am MS nurse then too.

I am now feeling so much more positive after this appointment, as I am no longer in limbo! And it was very interesting to look at my MRI scan! Apparently I am a classic MS patient with my brain lesions!

I also told the consultant about my bladder urgency and occasional double vision, which I had never considered an issue before now! She was not surprised to hear about these symptoms!

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That’s a positive step for you. It is a nice thing to actually see your brain scan and have lesions pointed out!

You might want to familiarise yourself with the various disease modifying drugs (DMDs) before your next appointment. Then you won’t be flailing around getting all confused with the names. Have a look at Basically, it’s all about balancing the potential relapse reduction rate against the possible side effects.

You’ll probably not have a completely free choice, partly the decision will be based on how active your MS is considered. If it’s highly active, then you could be offered Cladribine or Ocrevus as these are brilliant drugs for highly active MS. Tecfidera is certain to be one of the options, Lemtrada is not as there’s been a slight bit of worry about starting new people on it just lately.

If your MS is less active, then you might just have the options of the betaferons, Aubagio and Tecfidera. In that case, it’ll be all about how much you like needles. Not that the needles are a big problem, in the main they are tiny little subcutaneous jabs.

But once you’ve seen the MS specialist and heard which drugs you are to be offered, you should be able to have a chat with the MS nurse about which drug to opt for.

Best of luck.



I to was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and that feeling of moving out of limboland is great. I was already seeing an MS specialist and have made my treatment choice.

He gave me a choice between Copaxone (injection) or Tecfidera (tablets). I went for Copaxone as it suits my lifestyle better, I am due to start in a few weeks once the paperwork has been signed off. I have an MS nurse who is fab, a good one is worth there weight in gold.

Good luck with your next steps

Mel x

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Thank you so much for the information! This is so helpful!