just got results from latest mri,no new lesions. Neuro says that copaxone isn’t working and I agree, so going to give ocrevus a go. Last dose of steroids had no effect either, but my symptoms are steadily worsening. Does this mean progressive?


If your neurologist is prepared to prescribe Ocrevus, then s/he doesn’t think you are now progressive. Ocrevus is only prescribable for relapsing remitting MS. But if Copaxone is not working, then you’d be having relapses in spite of the drug.

In terms of steroids, they are really very hit and miss. Sometimes they work like a dream, complete remission from the symptoms very quickly. Other times they give only slow and partial remission. And sometimes they have no effect at all. Their aim is to speed up remission, so they’re not a cure.

So the fact that your latest relapse hasn’t responded to steroids doesn’t mean you are now progressive.

Ocrevus looks like a great drug. Best of luck with it.


Thanks sue