Saw neuro today and told copaxone isn’t working, she wasn’t sure if this means I have moved on to progressive and suggested trying lemtrada. Wondered if anyone could share experience please.

Eh? She thinks you might now be progressive so suggests you take a risky drug to stop relapses?

Why does she think Copaxone isn’t working? Are you having relapses? If not, you shouldn’t move onto another DMD. But if you are having relapses (with full or even partial remission), then you can’t possibly be progressive.

If however you are still RR but with a question mark about progression, then moving onto another DMD that is more effective than Copaxone (virtually all of them in categories 1.2 and 2.0) would be sensible, but not something that can have really serious side effects like Lemtrada.

Have a look at

Maybe you should think about a different second level drug (Ocrevus?)


Thanks sue, I will go to my next appointment with the ms nurse and discuss options. Really sounds like a big step to me as well.