Activity while using Copaxone

Hi there

I just wondered if anyone could give me advice please. I was diagnosed with RRMS in May 2016 and been using Copaxone ever since. I’ve had about 5 MRI’s since and on every one there have been new lesions which are active so they are looking to change DMD and suggested I try Tecfidera to see if that slows down the progression before I try Lentrada or similar. Now I know everyone is different but it really worry’s me that it has ‘progressed’ this quickly. I know Copaxone is the ‘weaker’ DMD but I did think it would be a while before I needed to change. Has anyone else had this experience?

Thank you


hi paula

i saw this when you had just posted it but had no good advice to give.

it does sound like copaxone is not working for you.

your choice whether or not you change and what you change for.

good luck.

i went on tecfidera after copaxone and was really happy to be told that if this didn’t work i could try lemtrada.

carole x


I agree with Carole. If you have disease activity on Copaxone, then switch to a drug that will perhaps suit you better. But why is your neurologist not suggesting Tysabri? If you have active disease, and assuming you’ve had relapses on Copaxone, then you should qualify for Tysabri. Which is a better drug, with less potential side effects and a lower average relapse rate.