Copaxone didn’t work

Hi -

So I started copaxone in October 2017. It was the first DMT I tried, after being diagnosed in sept 2014, mainly because I fell pregnant twice in between that time and 2017.

Unfortunately the copaxone didn’t react well with me and I was plagued with oral thrush and constantly unwell, catching every bug my two sons brought home from nursery. However, I continued on. I had an MRI in June and it has shown new enhanced lesions which would suggest that the copaxone hasn’t worked. So they want to switch me. I’ve done a lot of research over some time and I want to push for Lemtrada.


thanks, Amelia- aged 32, RRMS.

lemtrada sounds fantastic.

katy79 is a staunch supporter of it.

she still comes on here now and again.

good luck amelia!!

Hi Amelia

I would have jumped at the chance to have Lemtrada available to me when I was in the early years of RRMS.

So my feeling is to definitely go for it. Carole is right, look for the excellent posts written by Katy79. Also, have a look at the forum. There are lots of people who’ve had Lemtrada post on that site.

It does have its down sides, like all DMDs, but if it were me, I’d take the risk of side effects.

But if you decided against Lemtrada, I would have thought you’d qualify for Tysabri. You could opt for that as an excellent alternative.


Hi Sue,

thanks for your reply. i haven’t heard of Tysabri- I’m in Scotland so perhaps it’s not available here yet?

I had asked for Lemtrada a few months back and was told they wanted to try something else first (I’m guessing they’re thinking of cost) but my argument was that I have two kids to live for and if I’m going to take something then I want it to be worth my while. I feel like I really have to push for Lemtrada and I don’t know how - or if I possess that power. I’m also 4 years into diagnosis… hoping it’s not too late.

On Tuesday I was told my ms has become quite aggressive.

aggressive ms is one that qualifies for lemtrada.

lemtrada is also best as the first DMD, so to me you are the ideal candidate.

it does require you to be in hospital for the infusion though so start lining up the childcare.