am new to the site. I was diagnosed with RRMS just over a year ago and have been on copaxone for the last 3 months. At my most recent appointment with the neurologist and ms specialist they recommended I take Lemtrada. Just wondering if anyone who has taken This drug could share their experience with me as I’m unsure what I should do.

I feel like I should take it but the potential side effects terrify me.

Also I’d especially like to know if anyone took Lemtrada at kings hospital in London and how well they were treated.

Hi there,

I’ve just finished my second round of Lemtrada, both rounds went ok, they just left me drained afterwards.

My last MRI showed I was stable with no new lesions, which was a relief.

I know the possible side effects are worrying but as my ms was highly aggressive I wanted to hit it hard. Lemtrada does just that.

So far my blood tests have all been normal…just another 4 years to go!

Overall I’m glad I’ve had the treatment and hopefully I won’t need another but if I’m offered a third round I’d go for it.

I know it’s a risk, but so is MS progression :frowning:

Good luck with whatever you decide

Thank you so much for commenting. Has definitely eased my worries a bit.

Everything will be ok

Everything will be ok