lemtrada help!!

hi guys,

Just wondering if anybody has tried Lemtrada? Heard alot of positive information on this drug. Just been doing alot of research as to what my next option is. I have had MS for about 6 years now and been on rebif and now copaxone which I feel is not helping at all. At the stage now where I am using a wheelchair as cannot walk along with many other symptoms, feel no help from my neuro who thinks stick with copaxone and thats it no other option at all even though I am rrms and there are other drugs. I was just wondering if anybody has tried Lemtrada? and how this has worked for them?

I am considering this drug or stem cell therapy but still at the early stages yet and just researching options. Any help much apreciated.

Thanks guys

Hiya r u on Facebook? There’s a lemtrada group which I’m a member of. People write down their experiences of the drug and help answer questions and offer support to those who are considering it. I think if you search lemtrada alemtuzumab it should come up (there are a few) the others are global. The one I tend to look on is the British one. They are all lovely!

im having lemtrada in 1st feb and girl with a stick is having it the week before me (both at Kings) so I’m sure you will finds out from either of us how it goes!

let me know if you have any questions x

thank you for your reply. I am really keen to try Lemtrada just finding it difficult to convince to neuro as he thinks Copaxone is working fine for me even though I know it is not. I am going to do my best to convince him but thought I should get some more information myself first!

thank you and I will look at facebook!