New job problems!

I started my new job as a area co ordinator for a repair company on 19th January. At my interview I told them I had MS as with my progression its still invisible to those who dont know me. Obviously, I’ve only been there 6 weeks. I am still learning and have been trained and now working on my own and was told to ask if I had any questions. As far as I was concerned I was doing a good job, under very busy circumstances on my own. I ask lots of questions as I sometimes struggle to remember things, but I think with a new job repetition is the key - it helps me to take things in eventually! Yesterday, my supervisor suggested changing things as she didn’t think I was coping. My supervisor was in my interview so knows my situation. Yes, the service line is busy and hectic at times, but I really enjoy it. When I started I was told there was a 6 month review to see how I was getting on. She said she wanted to make it less stressful for me, so I would be doing more paperwork and less of what I enjoy. It was left that I wanted to carry on with my job as it is and I’d try to ask less questions (try to pull the answers from my memory somehow). It wasn’t an official meeting in an office but at her desk for everyone to hear and see me get upset. The manager who employed me has moved positions within the company and responsibility given to my supervisor and area manager, who I have met twice since I started as he is based in London. He’s coming to the office on Monday (not to see me) but I’m not sure how I should play this out. My supervisor and him work closely together over the phone so I’m sure they have discussed it. A week after I started there was another new starter - she is self proclaimed ‘a bit ditsy’ and has, on occasions, people telling her she has made mistakes & going through them with her. Nobody has done this to me yet. And when I mentioned this my supervisor said she has corrected my mistakes. We were also told not to worry about the overflow of work as she would cover us while we were still learning. Any ideas on how to play it from here would be welcome. Thanks for reading, I know it’s long, but I had to fill you in. Sharon x

You have told them about your MS so therefore you come under the Equality Act This is quite long and very confusing but basically your employers must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to enable you to do your job.

They cannot sack you owing to your health

This manager coming from London Monday is probably them trying to find out what ‘reasonable adjustments’ they can help you with?

I suggest you treat it as such until and if you get little thoughts that something is amiss. Anyway join a Union.


Hi, I wouldnt volunteer too much info and play it by ear. As George says, they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for you.

You just may be reading too much into the reason for the manager coming on Monday.

As for the ditsy girl, she probably gets away with her lack of efficiency by being silly…dumb blonde type.

Your boss is also perhaps, trying to play down your mistakes.

So many employers have no clue how to talk/treat someone with a disability.


ps good luck chuck!