New here, right leg doesn't bend when walking since COVID

Hi…I am new to this forum and not sure if this is the right place for this, but I came across this forum while researching my symptoms. I haven’t been diagnosed with MS or anything really yet but I suspect I have some kind of autoimmune disease. I’ve been sick for 3 years, but for over a year now my legs have been tight, it’s worst first thing in the morning or after sitting awhile and gets better with walking. Sometimes I’ll have shooting nerve pain and they ache quite a bit. But anyway they’ve stayed about the same until last month when I had COVID. My legs were so weak and tight there were times I could barely walk, then I noticed that my right leg wasn’t bending when I walk. It bends perfectly fine to sit or when I’m going up and down stairs but I can’t seem to get it to bend when I walk. It did get better for about a week then came back and it’s now been 5 weeks and it’s not getting better. I don’t have any joint pain. This forum was the only place I could find anyone else describing what I have, I’ve been wondering if I’m just going crazy and somehow making it up. I posted this on an old thread here where some people seemed to be having the same thing I’m feeling but I don’t think it was seen. I’m just curious if anyone here has learned anymore about it since then or anyone else experiencing it?

Hello Judith,
I’ve noticed for a while now, both my knees don’t seem to bend as well as they use to when walking.
I know there are meds to help with spasticity but, I’ve always opted for the physiotherapy route.
My physiotherapist is helping me fix my odd toe-heel walking, at the moment.
Welcome to the forum btw,

Thank you for the reply! I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow so I’ll see what he says but I would also prefer physical therapy over medicine. Not sure what he would be able to prescribe anyway since I’m not diagnosed.

Hi Judith. MS affects my right leg and yes, like you , after a relatively bad case of Covid, my leg started getting very stiff and ‘tight’ and I began to walk with a straight right leg - particularly first thing in the morning. What I do now, is to stretch the muscles and tendons as soon as I get out of bed. I talking about sort of serious stretching as in stretching till it begins to hurt and then hold for 10 secs or so and repeat. Stretching like that has helped me

I have done some stretching but it only helps a little or actually pulls muscles so I’m very sore a few days. I saw a doctor last week (my regular doctor wasn’t in the office). She only spent about 5 minutes with me and told me she believes I have fibromyalgia and long covid. I’ve just about given up getting answers from doctors, they just aren’t interested in helping it seems. :frowning:

Fms and Ms much the same muchness imho, both rotten autoimmune diseases; hope you get the treatment for your ailments, Judith.

Thank you for your help!