leg that won’t bend

Hi all

I have had very minor problems with walking on and off for a while… it’s such a small amount that I doubt anyone except me would notice…

Anyway, I go for a short walk in the morning and evening as I find it helps ease the aching in my legs. The last few days I’ve noticed that my right leg barely bends when I walk, if at all. It doesn’t hurt but is making me really really slow.

Just wondered if anyone else has anything like this, it’s really frustrating as walking is the one time the aching eases and it’s starting to hurt my back and left knee, I think because I’m leaning on that side.

If I concentrate on it I can get it to bend a bit but as soon as I stop thinking about it it goes back to not bending again…

SO frustrated and on top of everything else starting to get fed up!!

Thank you

All I can say is see your GP, I have a pain in my hip, I take pain killers but no joy, I went to see my GP and he put me forward for an x-ray, when I saw him again, he said that my hip was clear of arthritis and looked normal. I told him about my pain and gave me naproxen which works. But what is causing it to be painful lol.


I feel your pain… kind of literally! I’m seeing my GP next Tuesday. It’s just all getting a bit much at the moment as I’m waiting for an operation, nothing to do with any of this but it keeps getting delayed for a variety of reason… surgeon being on holiday, over running on surgeries before me etc. The GP said they will try and bring my neurologist appointment foward after the Op which was fine initially but now it’s getting delayed by weeks at a time I’m starting to get fed up. Hopefully when I see the GP she will either say they will try and bring the neurologist appointment foward anyway or I will at least have an Op date!